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Ebay seller.. package never came?

I bought my son's outfit from a seller on Ebay on the April 15th.. It said it was guaranteed to be delivered on April 19 by USPS. It was for Easter. Anyway, I contacted the seller to let them know that the tracking is not updated at all and I never got the item. It just says tracking number provided on April 14 and was shipped. The seller said they did ship the item. I called USPS and I was told that a shipping label wasn't even created and that means the seller is still holding the item. I'm confused. It says it was shipped on ebay... but USPS told me the seller is still holding onto the item because my item would have a shipping label.

Does anyone know anything about Ebay, USPS, tracking, scanning, and shipping, and shipping labels? Any idea what is going on? Thanks

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    File a complaint

  • 8 months ago

    USPS lied to you. It DOES NOT mean that the seller lied to you or did not ship the item. It more than likely means that they do not use the online postage purchasing or if they do, their printer isn't working or maybe they hand-wrote the label - which I have done a couple of times, with printer problems. There is no such thing as "guaranteed" delivery. It is always just an "estimated" delivery date. Be patient.

    Source(s): eBay Buyer & Seller for well over a decade.
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    File a complaint with eBay. They have a very effective customer protection plan. Let them handle it. No need for you to do anything more.

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    If a tracking number was not provided, the seller cannot prove that they sent the item. Probably the best thing is to contact eBay and ask for your money back.

    Source(s): Happened to me once
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    You file a claim to get your money back. And you tell them that they did not ship the item, and so you just want your money back. And you should receive a refund.

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    USPS tracking is almost never accurate and rarely updated until a package is delivered.

    It might show up by the end of the day or it might not... it might show up by tomorrow or sometimes next week.

    USPS does not guarantee priority mail to arrive by a certain date.

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    rnaybe you should ask thern for your rnoney back

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