How can I stop noise coming through my walls without destroying my walls?

I live in a rental house with a mother in law unit. her unit shares a long wall with my Master suite. both of us have TV's mounted on the shared wall. We can clearly hear each other's tvs and when they are off, we can hear each other unclearly talking at a normal tone. If my husband and I fight, though, she can hear every word! We cannot alter the walls or damage them and those acoustical foam things look like heck. The fabric tweedy ones look nice but are so expensive. I heard of something from recycled newspaper covered with decorative fabric but can't find it. The one link in an article was dead. to make it more difficult, I am disabled, she is disabled and he is disabled! We live on extremely low fixed incomes and just getting moved in has left us broke for the rest of the month anyway. I do have a caregiver and a couple of friends who will do stuff but money is an issue as well as the issue of not damaging the walls or making the rooms look awful. The landlord thought corkboard could be painted but I haven't found it cheap enough I don't think.I have watched a few DIYs on youtube but sort of feel tired watching! lol... any suggestions?


How can I stop noise coming through my walls without destroying my walls? ...Please see MY answer to everyone's answers: below

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  • 7 months ago

    I am on Medicaid, she is on Medicaid and Medicare. My ex husband who lives here is on Medicare and Medicaid. We have in home caregivers, social security disability, social security retirement and social security supplemental income. I am a retired social service provider and resource person for disabled folks. I can ASSURE you Medicare NOR Medicaid has any help at all for sound barriers! There are NO government agencies and NO funds, nor do I think using tax payers hard earned money to pay for such things makes any sense. We do NOT OWN the house so we cannot alter it and it means we do not qualify for Habitat for Humainty or any other low income homeowner's help. I know about the cloth tiles (too costly) and acoustical ceiling tiles (landlord doesn't want something so clearly not wall.) I've seen systems that are false walls but WAY WAY WAY too expensive. Curtains and foam are interesting ideas but this is to go on HER wall, not ours, so she has to like it. And we're talking 17 FEET of shared wall. Our wall is now covered with a floor-to -ceiling, wall-to-wall book shelf FULL of great insulating books! And btw she is a separate tenant NOT our mother or raspberries to whoever suggested we move. UH, did you not see the part about disabled, low-income and uh, we JUST moved in!? So I will revise the question: Does anyone know where I can get cheap corkboard and can it be painted?

  • I care
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    7 months ago

    There are organizations out there that help people that are Medicare/Medicaid for such advice. Good luck to all of you.....

  • 8 months ago

    Save your money and insulate the walls with blown in insulation.

    Or, turn on your television when you decide to have a verbal disagreement or have your marital fights in another portion of the apartment.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Easy solution. You and hubby learn a new language and yell at each other in a language your mother does not know. Or scream in coded language.

    Short of a brick wall there is nothing that is soundproof. Or have your fights out in PUBLIC. Move away from HER. I know the TV is not the problem. It is HER. TV"s don't gossip...or give a damn.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Break the lease, time to move

  • Damien
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    8 months ago

    the walls need to be made out of wood or bricks instead of whatever excuse for a wall you have there inorder for sound to not get through

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    8 months ago

    they have these sound curtains that can cover a not sure on their price

  • 8 months ago

    I have heard that nailing old carpet up onto the walls will greatly improve the soundproofiing. Also, home centers sell 4x8 sheets of foam board that could be nailed up, also. Nail holes are very easy to fix if you ever need to take the stuff back down. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    hang 'curtains' on that wall ..........................................

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