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On a scale 0 to 10, how much of a fight would these guys put up against Brock Lesnar, all in their prime?

In a pro wrestling match.

Chris Benoit

Bret Hart


Aleister Black

Bam Bam Bigelow

Dean Malenko

Shawn Michaels 1996

The Undertaker 1998

Adam Cole

Jeff Cobb

Minoru Suzuki


Ric Flair

Shawn Michaels 2005

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    Chris Benoit 7/10: Benoit has an oxymorinic style of proficiency and recklessness that I think Lesnar wouldn't be ready for. Benoit knew how to adapt to opponents, he knew how to avoid their strengths and zero in on their weaknesses. If Brock goes for a hold, Benoit will most likely know the counter for it. Benoit can also take a finite amount of what Brock dishes out and still remain cognoscente enough to find an opening in the wall that is Brock Lesnar to slip on a submission. Will he win every time? No, but I think he has a stronger chance than most.

    Bret Hart : 3/10- The only parallels I can reach for people Bret wrestled that were like Brock in any form or fashion is to compare Brock to the likes of Yokozuna, Davey Boy Smith, or Diesel. Bret did beat these men, but they were among his greatest foes and biggest challenges. Brock Lesnar also has tangible strengths over all three. He's quicker and more proficient than Yokozuna, he's way more technical and speedy than Diesel, and he doesn't have the sportsman's demeanor of British Bulldog. That's really always been Bret's downfall. Bret likes to play chess in the ring, but Brock doesn't play. He doesn't savor matches, he's not getting paid by the hour, and he isn't planning on slowing down or letting go of Bret's waist to let him out of the german sequence long enough to give the Hitman a sporting chance to find a counter.

    Vader : 8/10: Prime Vader would go in there and just trade bear swipes with Lesnar. The only true advantage I could see Brock having on the Mastadon is perhaps having a longer running engine. Vader loves dealing out punishment, he doesn't mind ending a beating early, and he's been in enough wars with the likes of Cactus Jack and Stan Hansen to prove he can take just as much of a beating as he can dish out. So far this is Brock's biggest threat to me.

    Aleister Black: 2/10: Black likes to graze in the ring. He takes his methodical time. He dissects opponents with knee strikes and kicks. He almost has a hubris that wont allow him to fight like a desperate man, which is a detriment against brock. Guys like AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Seth Rollins have gotten the jump on Brock before because they're humble and adaptable enough to know how to attack a guy like Lesnar. They didn't mind taking the shortcuts that make them look cheap, weak, or desperate. I don't know if Black has it in him to have that mentality in the ring. The closest we've seen him encounter in the ring to Lesnar might be Lars Sullivan, and Lars is nowhere near the formidable monster Brock is. Black didn't deviate from his usual rank and file offense. He didn't bypass cocky poses or let that calm demeanor drop long enough to capitalize on an opening. With his strikes as offense alone I don't know if he can fell Lesnar. I say The Beast eats him alive.

    Bam Bam Bigelow : 4/10. Bam Bam's tough, but he's not impervious. Smaller men have taken Bam Bam to task. Heck, Taz put the guy through the ring and he's like the midget version of Lesnar. I'd say Bam Bam would most definitely put up a fight and maybe get some shots in that no one would expect. He might even rock Lesnar, but I also think the match would be short because Brock would zero in on Bam Bam's game plan, and attack at the first sign of Bigelow thinking he got ahead. I could easily see Bigelow haplessly cartwheeling himself into an F-5 after getting the early advantage.

    Dean Malenko : 0/10: At some point skill doesn't matter and size becomes a detriment. That's always been the case for Dean. He was once ranked the best wrestler in the world by PWI in the only year they actually ranked based on in-ring talent, but you've never seen a world champion around the man's waist and there's a reason for that. Just think back to Lesnar's first debut and replace the image of Spike Dudley being rag dolled with Dean Malenko and essentially you can picture how this would go down.

    Shawn Michaels 1996 : 5/10. Shawn's a bit more versatile than Hart, and he's way less of a sportsman than Bret ever was. He's not afraid to take those advantages wholesale that I was talking about with the likes of Finn, AJ, and Seth. HBK's never been afraid of looking cheap. Tack on the fact that his biggest rival has been The Undertaker, a man who might be the single closest combatant to Lesnar when it comes to how ruthless and tenacious and capable of taking it on the chin. Shawn's got a 50/50 shot in my eyes.

    The Undertaker 1998 : 10/10- Ministry Undertaker is arguably The Undertaker at his strongest. Not only did he have a faction at his side to carry out his bidding, but he seemed to be at the height of his dark powers. As a competitor he's drawing close to his prime as an in-ring talent, if he isn't already there. He has way too many advantages to fall to Lesnar I think.

    Adam Cole 0/10: While Cole would pull out every bag of tricks possible including Undisputed Era, I think Lesnar would overcome and conquer.

    Jeff Cobb 4/10: Pound for pound, Cobb's Lesnar's equal in the ring, if not his better. Sadly, when it comes to the real world Lesnar has the advantage on height, size, and strength. I think Cobb would impress by throwing the likes of Lesnar around in ways Brock's never been thrown, but ultimately he'd succumb to a desperate Beast. Man, what a dream match that would be.

    Minoru Suzuki 0/10: The only man on planet earth more sadistic and ruthless than Lesnar might be Minoru Suzuki. With that being said, Suzuki isn't young and he has his chinks in his armor that Lesnar wouldn't even have to try and exploit. Suzuki would welcome Lesnar's offense, try to trade blows, but it wouldn't last long. The Beast would destroy the mystique of Suzuki, and quite frankly I'd love to see Minoru humbled.

    EVIL : 0/10: EVIL's dead. He'd put up a fight, but he wouldn't overcome. He's never beaten the upper tier guys. Maybe someday he will, but as it stands EVIL doesn't walk out alive.

    Ric Flair 7/10: Prime Flair is so lowly and cunning, plus he'd have the Horsemen waiting in the wings put the boots to Lesnar if things didn't go his way. Flair would take a thrashing, and most definitely bleed buckets, but he could win.

    Shawn Michaels 2005: 4/10: Reformed HBK has as little a chance of walking away, never mind winning, as Bret Hart does. I do think he has an extra spirit and second wind in him that I'll say would give him the advantage over prime Bret, but I still don't see Shawn coming away with the victory 6 times out of 10

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