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Dad's family talking my daughter into moving out there with them?

A few months ago her dad brought up College she's only a junior.. she has one more year of high school left he tried talking his daughter into moving out there with him I believe so he can get out of paying child support for 15 more months stepmom was posting stuff on Facebook about how she will win Etc so because my daughter kept telling her dad she did not want to live there all the sudden his sisters are emailing my daughter and telling my daughter she should move to Illinois and go to college out there and leave WI. In her email she's telling my daughter that she has support from her dad and her she doesn't even mention my name all she keeps doing is asking my daughter where do you plan on living when you're done with high school think about it you can move in with your dad I'm sure your dad would be happy to pay for your college etc etc then all the sudden they buy her a camera so she can do YouTube videos and now all the sudden my daughter wants to move in with her dad what is the sound like to you guys.

I think it's really strange that she didn't want to live there and now all the sudden she does after she gets a camera a $700 camera to do YouTube videos.

She keeps telling me they did not talk her into this I have heard from her several times how she does not want to live with your dad she would make up stories to not even want to go there on the weekends to visit him but now all the sudden she wants to change custody I move in with him


I don't care about the child support, I care about y kid who was abused by her dad when she was four and dcfs was involved. I care about my daughter whos father was not even in her life until he got a girlfriend then she existed. I care about my daughter who has been brainwashed by his family

I also care that the father drove my daughter home from another state drunk off his ***, hes lucky he didnt get caught. There is a court date he filed for my kid but I dont think so not after what I have

Update 2:

He doesn't follow orders oh and by the way the last tie he went to court to increase the child support only cuz he though he was going to get caught again asked to keep the increase cuz he couldn't afford to pay his bills

He lives with his in laws for the pat 9 years. I always had my own place and always had a room he can't provide for her unless she shares with an 8 year old. He MOLESTED her when she was four and failed a lie detector test...I told his wife years, she didnt believe me

Update 3:

She been sleeping with a PEDO all these years

Update 4:

Treats her like a child support check, really...I made more money than the dad did before he got into his illegal families business. This is not about child support. I told him I would wave the child support years ago thank you. I make my own money. I don't need his child support. He was paying 70 a week before this last job. I paid her rent, her schooling , her clothing, her food etc. He doesn't care about her never did. He was never there for her ever. Always chose his girlfriend over her

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    they want to flip the script and have you pay child support while she's in college for 4 years

    the camera cost will even out in the wash

    she's been bought

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    Could have her declared emancipated.

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    It depends on the state for how long child support goes on. In many states it ends at 18. In some it's 21. She is certainly capable of making her own decision once she turns 18 and I wouldn't blame her for wanting to live with a dad that lives far away and can probably provide more for her. It's not at all uncommon for girls to bump heads with their moms at this age. You might agree to let her dad have her if he'll agree not to go after child support. But if you make less, then you'll pay less. Or just let her go as soon as she goes away to college. You'll probably get along with her much better if you're not living together. And she may have just pretended she didn't want to go so as not to hurt your feelings. If she has step siblings or half siblings and her dad is remarried and happy, she might like living there better than living with someone that treats her like a child support check and never got remarried and might be kind of unhappy to be around. Do what's best for your daughter. It might be her dad at this age.

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    i think your daughter should do what she wants and not let others rnake the decision for her

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    If you have Court-ordered custody there would need to be a new custody Order before your daughter can move "out there" (wherever out there is).

    I have no idea what the support arrangements are but it is not unusual for the parent who does NOT have residential custody to pay support until the child graduates from college.

    I'd be speaking with an Attorney.

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