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why are people allowed to have cats or dogs when all they want to do is cut out its reproductive organs and throw them in the trash can?

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  • 7 months ago

    I don't know but it sounds like your describing what is called "being a responsible pet owner."

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Free giblets in the trash? Where?

  • 7 months ago

    Some people don't want stray cats to be put down after living a long and cruel life in the alleys and cages and don't want their pets to have cancer (girls). So, that's your answer, a**hole.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    You would have to ask the people whose plans include nothing but throwing dogs' organs into trash cans.

    Were you circumsized? Did you parents throw the foreskin into the trash, eat it, do something else?

  • 7 months ago

    Because the purpose of having cats or dogs is not to breed the crap out of them.

    They are healthier to be spayed and neutered. Most cats and dogs do not have anything special or worthy of passing to the next generation

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      Meeting breed standard, showing work ability. Having the correct temperament for the breed, free of genetic disease, etc.

  • 7 months ago

    Because then the males won't constantly fight with other males, the males won't mate with females, the females won't drop 3 litters a year of kittens/puppies that nobody can find homes for, there will be NO reproductive cancers in any of the animals, and they have a greater chance of a home life with the average person.

    Do some volunteer work at your local animal control and take a look at the numbers of animals they euthanize because of the constant influx of unwanted animals.

  • 7 months ago

    You make it sound bad. It is very good to get pets spayed/neutered to stop any reproduction. No need to reproduce when so many are in the pounds, shelters & rescues because people don't get the dogs spayed/neutered.

    No reason to reproduce a low quality dog to pop out even lower quality pups. Wish MORE people would spay & neuter to stop the over population in all the above places.

    By not spaying or neutering a pet dog, shows a lack of responsibility & knowledge of being a fantastic dog owner.

    It is just your ignorance speaking, you lack the knowledge of why it is necessary for pets to be spayed & neutered.

    They are not just thrown in the trash can. All of that is considered medical waste & is disposed of in a proper way.

    Educate yourself so you won't be ignorant about the necessity to spay & neuter. Look around, do some research, go to the pound on a day the euthanize 100 dogs & watch how they do it. Learn of all the reasons why it is a very good thing to spay & neuter pets.

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      What is a low quality dog? All my mutts were smarter and more capable than all my friends pure breeds. We should just neuter all biracial kids too so they don't make more low quality babies.

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    Hmmm...what's more responsible- fixing your animal so it doesn't reproduce OR letting it have 2-4 litters per year and having 3/4 of those babies die and end up in a trash can? Life is not a goddamn Disney movie. Letting your animal reproduce without thinking ahead is extremely taxing and irresponsible.

    Your logic is flawed, good day.

  • 7 months ago

    What's thrown in the trash can, the dogs or their reproductive organs ?

    Having dogs neutered is nowhere near as bad as throwing dogs out in any way, either by rehoming or putting into rescue. Unfortunately we have far too many irresponsible owners who allow their dogs to get pregnant and therefore pushing neutering is not a bad thing. B*tches also are very prone to pyometra and mammary gland cancers if not spayed so it is also a health issue.

    We have plenty of responsible owners who keep entire dogs who never have accidental pregnancies so maybe your question should read a little differently to take that into consideration.

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