What Zodiac Sign / MBTI sound like her?

she is very kind hearted, hard working

caring, muddle head , forgetful

and very good at taking elderly

she does NOT like people lie to her

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    MBTI is no different from Astrology.. It's nothing but another pile of manure designed by two dumb females to place people within categories.

    It's makes idiotic millennials think they are smart.

    Idk why in the world are women obsessed with categorizing and living inside a box.

    They are like robots who will follow the rules given to them with no ability to invent or think outside the box.

    Women are Totally pathetic at creativity and new ideas

    That's why they belong in the kitchen and home. They are good at following rules(cooking) and putting things in order (cleaning)

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