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was Aladdin and The thief of Baghdad based on the same story?

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    All stories cross-pollinate, but no, the stories grew out of different traditions.

    As an aside, there was a real Aladdin - or, more properly Ala-ud-Din Khalji. He was Sultan of Delhi in the late thirteenth/early fourteenth centuries. In 1305 he overthrew a rival and looted his treasury, including a huge diamond, which was probably the Koh-i-Noor. It is very likely that the reputation of the historical Aladdin contributed towards the popularity of the fictional one.

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    No, too different things and technically countries, while, aladdin city agrabah may be based on such a country, Agrabah, is technically fictional city and yet could be real, because genie was trapped in the lamp for 10,000 yrs and how did he do the impressions if said setting wasn't 10,000 yrs into our future, what if Robin Williams, had to die, in order to actually become the genie himself.

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    8 months ago

    No. The Thief is written in the style of the One Thousand and One Nights but is unrelated to them. In fact Aladdin is not one of Scheherazade's original stories but was an old Arabic folk tale that was chucked into the mix by 19th century editors.

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    No. The Thief of Baghdad is a different story. But they're both set around the same time and both have a genie involved.

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