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Why are neurotypicals so judgmental and how to overcome?

Please don't mock me but I get super-nervous when I'm in this situation (I'm American 20 something). When I go up to a person at a fast food restaurant (say 5 Guys) and the woman or man (especially woman) is about to take my order and I walk up and she just stares at me with her (fake?) politeness like she's analyzing every subtlety of my body language, waiting for me to say my order... And then I'm just waiting for her to make a little comment about me looking nervous or shy or whatever, or perhaps even a good comment - which brings me to my point. .

Like why are neurotypical people so judgmental, it's just so weird to me and I hate it so much, it's like if I don't align with their neurotypical ideals then they feel the need to point it out, be it simply by body language or with words.. Like if the person had (just as an example) Down Syndrome she wouldn't judge me like that; so it's just like, just take my order or wait for me to come up with my order, I didn't come here for you to judge me.. What's up with that weird awkward vibe that neurotypicals give off??

Drive thrus aren't nearly as bad obviously, or when it's super busy.. It's just when I feel like people are analyzing me (even if they're not doing it in a mean way) Does anybody know what I mean? If so, how have you overcome it (if you have)?

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  • 10 months ago

    I think perhaps to accept others in general

    So ( reduce the ( need ) into ( preference ) for

    pigeon holing

    Into neat little categories for people ok?)

    Instead thanks.

    Very Best Wishes


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    • Mars Mission
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      No problem Chris, perhaps l misunderstood the question, please enjoy your day as there will be none like it, thanks.

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  • 10 months ago
  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Yeah there are people like that especially in the food service. Trust me I know all about it but there are also nice people. America is a land full of bitchy girls in general so just ignore them.

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    • Chris10 months agoReport

      So even around "kind" people that are neurotypical, I always feel uncomfortable because I'm scared that I might make some wrong body language gesture or what have you that doesn't sit well with them... Whereas I can do this all day with non-neurotypicals and they never think anything of it.

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  • Ana
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    10 months ago

    Maybe you should spend a little bit more time learning how to fit in and a little bit less time hating the world around you

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