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Isn't it dumb to call high blood pressure "The silent killer"?

Roughly 40 percent of America has it and have no problems. Old age is the real silent killer I suppose.

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    High blood pressure is insidious, it sneaks in, and starts destroying body tissues slowly, and silently. Did you know that your kidneys can be up to 60% diseased before it shows up in tests?

    High blood pressure affects the kidneys, your arteries and veins, your eyes, just about everything is affected. Ever see someone with a stroke? You will be at high risk.

    You do not have to have a red face, and see the vessels in you head throbbing to have high blood pressure, Some people have it and are totally unaware of it. Even high pressure in the 140s/90s can affect things.

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    You need to quit being an a**hole about it.

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    "Roughly 40 percent of America has it and have no problems." - This is an oxymoron. Since high blood pressure is a problem, then if 40% have it, then yes, they do have a problem.

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      until you get a check-up. And even then water is generally overlooked as being the culprit.

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    High blood pressure is called that because most people who have it do not even know. They feel fine until one day they have a heart attack or stroke. It is very common.

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      The high blood pressure is common but stroke and heart attack are uncommon even among High blood pressure victims.

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    It doesn’t kill

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