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Have extreme anxiety over my son?

My son is one years old and I'm always checking to see if he's still breathing at night. I don't leave him for more than two hours each day and whenever he's really quite or turned away from me I get this dread that he's not breathing or become panicky whenever he does something slightly different. Overall he's really healthy, there's nothing proven to be medically wrong with him and the only time I ever took him to the doctor was when he had pink eye at 5 months old. I don't understand this dread.

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    I think you need to see a psychologist.

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  • Faith
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    While it's normal to feel some anxiety or concern over your child what you are doing is to the extream. It may be possible you are dealing with postpartum depression. It can actually come on anytime after birth to even up to a year. I have read some claim you can get even 2yrs after the birth of a child. I'd suggest you contact your doctor. Therapy may help too.

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  • 9 months ago

    its called paranoia

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