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Is this normal???

My 3 week old baby can pretty much sleep the entire night from about 1 or 2am to about 6 or 7am and be fed a few oz of food, then goes back to sleep until about 10am to be fed again and stays up until about noonish (like 3pm) and sleeps most of the day until 1 or 2am again.. is this normal?

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  • Linda
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    If you have any concerns about your baby you need to consult your doctor. Never trust strangers when it comes to your child. It could be dangerous.

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    Yeah. Neonates sleep most of the time.

    S/he'll be more awake in the next few weeks.

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  • Etta
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    8 months ago

    All babies are different and as long as they get the right amount of formula then some will sleep and other just cry - most new babies normally get fed and changed every 4 hours and sleep in between. I would try and change the feeding times so they don't sleep as long during the day and sleep longer at night

  • B
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    yes, but you can sleep train by keeping the baby up during the day (not too forcibly but continue to play with the baby during the day, takes time)

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