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Is there a way to get cheap Wi-Fi service, without having to commit to spending 30, 40 or $50 a month?

I am trying to find a service that’s less than 1 GB of data a month. Something cheap that I can use on my iPhone 8+. I already have a monthly cellular data service (Unlimited). But for some reason, apps do not download well using it. Apps seem to download a lot faster using Wi-Fi. I don’t know why that is-they just do.

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    WiFi is not the internet. It is something a router can provide. You get internet from an ISP. Their modem might also have WiFi on it but that is something I do not recommend.

    Basically, the internet comes via Phone/Fiber/Cable to a modem. The modem turns the analog signal into digital ones and forwards that to a router. The router does routing things. Then if the packet of data is actually one you want, it forwards that to your phone using the WiFi radio in the router. The WiFi is the same as a wire as both deliver packets of data from one place to another.

    Pay for a service, then own the router, modem, etc to keep it cheaper.

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    Juts go down to your local Mc Do..... Speed is lousey though

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    There is something wrong with your iPhone you need to take it back to the store where you bought it the iPhone downloads apps at breakneck speeds if you're within a decent coverage range. Before your warranty expires take the thing back. Run a speed test with your iPhone internet speed test Ocala and see what your internet download speed is it should be at least 8 megabytes per second or something's wrong.

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    Hang out at places with free wi-fi, like shopping malls or fast food restaurants

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    SIMPLE: The amount of bandwidth available thru wifi is about 100 times more than thru cellular connections.

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    You don't typically buy Wi-Fi. You buy Internet access from an ISP (AT&T, Comcast, or whatever is in your area), which in turn, you buy/rent a modem that may or may not have Wi-Fi access. I don't really believe that most providers offer "cheap" service, at least not without a long-term contract. And plus, most Internet packages usually give you 1 TB (1,024 GB) of data, not just 1 GB or in some places, unlimited data.

    The most likely reason that your downloads on your phone are slow through mobile data is either because you're too far from a cell tower and have a weak (and slow signal) or you've reached your monthly threshold. With "unlimited" data, almost all providers will slow you down to a crawl after you reach a certain amount of data used.

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    yes, go to the library and use their net there

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