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Why maps show Europe as green but Middle east and North Africa only desert?

That is false

Stop propaganda.

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    If you're asking about physical maps that denote different types of terrain and natural features - including vegetation and land use, then yes, many mapmakers would chart the wide majority of Europe as being green and the wide majority of the Middle East and North Africa as being arid. Those are just facts.

    Much of Europe is highly developed, and many places have an extremely high population density where a good portion of the land is urbanised and the rest devoted to agriculture. There are few large tracts of wilderness in continental Europe except for parts of the far north, though there are scattered areas of undeveloped land in places like the Carpathians and other parts of Eastern Europe. Statistically, forests cover about 45% of Europe, but of course that figure takes the entirety of Europe into account. Places like Finland and Sweden have a great deal of woodland while The Netherlands has very little and Iceland, (while admittedly not part of continental Europe), has almost none.

    Approximately 30% of the Earth's surface is forested, so Europe is actually more wooded than many other places, but in the Middle East and the Near East, the figures are much, much lower. The most heavily forested country in the Near or Middle East would be Turkey which is barely 15% woodland, and the percentage of woodland in neighbouring countries like Iran, Iraq and Syria is extremely minimal. Even Lebanon, once famous for its cedar forests (a cedar tree appears on Lebanon's national flag), is only about 13% forested. And places on the Arabian Peninsula have practically no forest cover at all. Qatar is less than 1% forested.

    Morocco is the only country in North Africa where forests make up over 5% of the land area. Most other countries are 3% or lower, and we're talking about some very, very large countries, so it's clear that any physical map would accurately depict these places as being extremely arid.

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    Look up the Sierra Madre

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    The Middle East and North Africa are mostly desert.

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    What maps do that?

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    I’ve been to both and for the most part that’s the geography. There are some parts of the Middle East that has greenery as well as North Africa near the coast, but the majority of North Africa encompasses the Shariah Desert which is the largest desert in the world. There’s some desert like plains in parts of Spain, but for the most part there isn’t any real deserts in Europe.

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    Just a wild guess: You've never been to either place?

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