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Can a person with an official IQ score of 92 graduate university successfully? If so, at what level (Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's)?

I would appreciate answers from people who have knowledge about and experience with students and IQ testing and what they represent.


I realise the answer to this question likely depends on several factors, but I don't mind a general answer.

I am aware that an IQ score of 85-115 is considered average.

Update 2:

Mark IX - Thank you for your answer. I am curious what sort of degrees you have in mind "that don't require a genius level intellect"?

Update 3:

I am referring to an official full scale IQ test score administered by a professional (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale), with scores in the range of 80-89 in some subtests.

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    I'm in middle school and have an IQ of 113, A MAP R score of 242, And a MAP M of 245 and a GPA of 3.85. (Official) so most likely, No. If you improved your IQ score to at least a 105 you might have a running chance. Also adding on to GypsyFish it depends on what you're planning to study. I for one have a balanced mix of logical and creative thinking, I would want to work in a field that combines both of those attributes. If you think less logically than I'd suggest becoming an Artist. (Music,Painting,Clay-work etc...).

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    1 year ago

    what were your grades in high school???

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    My IQ is around 90 and I’m about to graduate with a bachelor. So I hope so lol

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    no you should drown yourself in a bathtub to raise the national iq average

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    You can get degrees that don't involve a lot of math and science classes.

    Things that don't require a lot of abstract reasoning skills.

    Like sociology, history, business, etc. But IQ tests are not good measures

    of what aptitudes you may actually have. If you are good in math, go for it.

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    Highly unlikely they can even manage an academic associate's degree at community college. They should be able to handle some sort of vocational training.

    Mean IQ = 100. And that's not much. Standard deviation is 15 points, so people typically need to be at least one standard deviation above the mean (115+) to handle community college, and two standard deviations above the mean (130+) to graduate from university with decent grades.

  • Laurie
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    A person with an IQ of 92 can absolutely graduate from college - at any level.

    IQ is a good indicator, but there are many more just-as-important factors that go into successfully acquiring an advanced education - such as study habits, curiosity, perseverance, self-discipline, openness to new ideas, ability to ask for help, self-esteem, and a strong, clear goal.

    The opposite is also true. I know people with IQs in the gifted range who could NOT get through college because they lacked other necessary characteristics.

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    Very few people ever take a valid IQ test. If you're talking about one of those online tests, those are not valid. A valid IQ test has to be given by a trained psychologist, and it includes manipulation of objects as well as answering questions.

    Someone with an actual 92 IQ is certainly capable of learning just about anything, but it may take more time. Unfortunately, colleges and universities are not good about allowing more time for individuals who need it.

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    Someone with that IQ can certainly get an Associate's degree. They can probably get a Bachelor's degree if they work hard, learn good study habits, and take classes that they really care about. 92 is well within the normal range, a little low but not too bad. The person may find that that can learn things to pick up their reading speed, such as learning through listening to recorded books while following along. It's also about picking the right major, something they really care about.

    Something that most people don't know is that IQ is more flexible than we originally thought. There have been studies that show that if a teacher is more patient with a student, their IQ scores can go up within a year.

    STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. They generally require a certain type of thinking, so many people think they're "hard." They're not as hard for people who are well suited for those subjects. I suspect that Mark would consider things like a major in Child Development to not require a genius level intellect. It really depends though. If you're not suited to music, it doesn't matter how smart you are, you won't succeed in it. If you are suited to it, you don't need a high IQ to do well, you just need love of the subject and persistence.

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