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So I got a question about CPS And Officer Corrption?

They were called because supposedly a Minor got hit, but it wasn’t true, it was a fight between a mother and father, And Then there is this Female Officer, Has her hair cut real short, trying to look masculine, She lied about the report as she didn’t ask us questions just our date of births, and the supposedly victim refused to talk, because He knew she was corrupt because she’s done things at his school before, And non of the kids were endanger, No proof of abuse towards the children yet CPS is making the victim move out, Refused to let him go to his grandmother down in Russia or they’ll try and get her for kidnapping, Even if he wants to go, should he sue the officer with all the evidence he has of her corruption? Because body cam will show he didn’t say those things, and they love their mother all of them, they got everything they need, food, entertainment, bed, toothbrushes, shower and toilet and it’s all clean. I told him and his family to sue the system for one faking the victims words with proof in the camera, and for CPS wanting to take the kids when there’s no proof of abuse or anything, The grandma that’s an american had to take the kids. We also found a lawyer by the way.

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    If you have a lawyer then take that person's advice. But if parents are fighting to much that it creates a tumultuous and dangerous homelife children can still be removed from that situation.

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  • Neil
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    9 months ago

    If this were true, the lawyer would have told you to keep maintain radio silence.

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