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Does a personal computer use more energy when you open more tabs?

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    Yes, but not much.

    Most PC's have a CPU threshold. When the CPU is not in high use, the PC will reduce the amount of power sent to the CPU. This is configured under Window's Power Options as an Advanced setting.

    When you have a ton of tabs open, if they are static content, the tabs will be loaded into RAM. If nothing happens, the CPU doesn't need to process any changes in the tabs. The RAM is doing most of the heavy lifting.

    IF, however, you have a video, game, or other request running in the other tab, this will require CPU time (possibly NIC time as well). This CPU time corresponds to a demand for more power to be sent to the CPU. The result is that your PC will use more energy to process all the activity in the open tabs.

    To conserve energy, a lot of people put their PC into "Energy Saver" mode. This is where the PC will limit the max power sent to the CPU, causing the PC to consume less energy (overall).

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    In the event that you keep in excess of a couple of tabs open in the meantime, it gobbles up your PC's memory and makes everything, particularly the browser itself, run slower. Now and then it will crash the browser. So increment your Ram, Rom and Hard Disk space. There are different alternatives for the two programs, however you need one introduced on the off chance that you commonly have in excess of five tabs open at once

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    no, it fills up space in the RAM that's why most of the computers start to lag with the increasing number of the tabs.

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    It depends. Some web sites may run scripts that enslave your computer to mine cryptocurrency, or stuff. If you're worried, open up Windows Task Manager and check the CPU usage. Or plug your system into an energy monitor like the "Kill-A-Watt".

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    How many tabs can you read at once? So what's the point of opening more than one or two at a time?

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    Yes. every time you ask a pc to do more work, it requires more energy. More tabs may not require a lot more energy, but it does require more.

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