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what was the political orientation of V for Vendeta?

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    It wasn't particularly 'pro' anything. It was anti-corruption; anti authoritarianism; anti-abuse and anti-mind control through propaganda yet the way 'V' achieved those ends was by more limited corruption, abuse and authoritarianism. It is a great story but a philosophically weak one.

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  • Jeff D
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    The story, at least the original comic on which the film is based, is basically Hobbes vs. Locke. Hobbes believed man needs a strong government to combat his natural selfishness and rapacity; he believed in an absolute ruler where every citizen is bound to the state by a social contract. Any abuses by government must be tolerated because the alternative is worse. Locke believed that individual rights preempted laws and governments, and that people had a right to replace the government if it violated those rights. V argues Locke's position, but he's more of an anarchist.

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