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Does Europe provide free education for international students?

I have read online that so many people from around the world go to study in Germany and France from my country India.

Its tuition fee is free and we just have to pay rent and other things.

Can I study there I m 24 from India, I want to do computer science from any German university.

would $10,000 per year be enough to pay rent and other things.

how will I get admission and all process?

Do I need to learn German language.

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    No. They used to provide free higher education for both residents and international students but not anymore. As an international student, you would have to pay the tuition and other expenses. I don't think $10,000 would be enough for everything each year. You need more money than that. Plus, you have to speak German in order to learn there. German universities teach in their own language and you have to be very fluent in German. The college tuition is free in almost all countries in Europe but it's only for the residents, not for international students.

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    Doesn't India have any schools that teach computer science? A lot of companies farm out work to India or China,so there must be.

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    Nope. Tuition is not free in either France or Germany for international students.

    $10,000 will not be enough to pay for rent, tuition fees, and everything else you'll need to pay for.

    You'll also need to be fluent in either German or French - universities teach in the language of their own country.

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    8 months ago

    Possibly not

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    Germany abolished its experiment in tuition-free education for foreign students very quickly. It's been abolished for about 4 years now. In addition to tuition, fees, books, equipment, supplies, etc. for school, you must also prove you can pay all living expenses - rent, utilities, food, health insurance, transportation, clothing, etc. Rental housing in Germany is rather scarce in many areas, so you should plan to need at least EUR1000/month just for rent & utilities.

    For cost of living data for practically any country, see India has among the lowest cost of living of any country. E.g. you will need a completely new wardrobe for most countries - probably two complete wardrobes, summer & winter.

    Yes, you must be fluent in the language of the country at a high academic-technical level to go to school there. Student visa interviews are also conducted in the country's language. Germany's university entrance exams - reputed to be among the world's most difficult - are of course in German.

    Your USD10,000/yr budget is a small fraction of what you will need to study in Europe. Expect to need more like EUR30,000 (@ = USD35,000) & up per year, plus transportation, etc. UK: expect costs of GBP30,000-40,000/year. US: USD50,000/yr to 100,000/yr. Canada: CAD40,000/yr.

    IF a university accepts you, you must prove you have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses + return transportation to your country of citizenship to apply for a student visa.

    Another problem: you have already been out of school for several years (unless you just completed your bachelor's degree in India & are aiming for grad school).

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    German universities teach in German so you need to be fluent in the language.

    Can't believe tuition is free, google the Unis and look at the international fees.

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    You can look on the websites of the universities and see what the costs are for international students.

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