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I've been training mma for 2 years and don't look athletic. Why is that?

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    MMA training alone won't make you look or be athletic. Supplementary exercise are needed. Train with barbells to get muscle mass and definition. Proper diet is needed too.

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    Depending on your goals, your training method will vary. If building an athletic body is part of your goals then you want to focus on intensity of training and working with resistance. If you are not getting the right level of intensity, the stay after class to do quick and intense drills on the things you learned in class.

    Also control your diet as you can never out work your diet. That doesn't mean eat less, it means be smarter about what you spend that calorie points on. At the end of the day losing weight is about burning more calories than taking in. How you go about doing that could be healthy and easy, or unhealthy and painful.

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    1 year ago

    1) 2 Years is a drop in the bucket in the training of any martial art.

    2) Because martial art is not about appearances. It's not about looking athletic..

    3) Training is just one aspect in the overall way of any athlete. You have to not only train, but LIVE right which includes such things as eating healthy, getting the proper amount of exercise in addition to your martial art training.

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    - How do you define athletic? Do you mean large muscles? Lean and defined?

    - How often do you train? What activities are included in your MMA training? This can be vary widely depending on what level you are at, and what equipment your gym has. You won't start "looking" like a pro fighter by simply practicing techniques and sparring. Professionals and amateurs do technique and advanced sports training to build themselves up. I'm talking running, swimming, lifting, plyometrics, weighted/resisted technique training, and more.They also train several hours per day, have nutritionists, use supplements (illegal or non), use crazy recovery methods and often have nutritionists. It's a lifestyle for them.

    - How's your diet? This is a really big factor.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    We have absolutely no idea about your training regimen, and how much you put into. It almosts sounds like your have no real trainer to help you with these things.

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    mma training is not a body building sport it more of a stamina and speed thing

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