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How does Alice Walton ( Walmart’s ceo ) make money?? 10 POINTS TO THE BEST AND FASTEST ANSWER !!!?

I want to know how does Alice Walton make money ? She’s the daughter of Sam walton the founder of “Wal-Mart” . She has like 40Billion but I wanna know how does she make money? I understand Wal-Mart makes money from customers buying the products . But how does Alice get paid? Does she get paid per whatever each Wal-Mart makes? Or every time someone buys something ? I’m confused ! How does the founder of stores get paid ? Please help ! Giving 10 Points to the fastest answer

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    When Wal-Mart - or any business - makes a profit, where do you think that money goes?

    A company can spend some of its money on e.g. new land to build another store on. But when a company gets as big as Walmart, there isn't much more expansion to do.

    Most of the profit goes directly to the owners.

    Alice Walton owns something like 15% of Walmart. Her siblings own similar shares. That means she gets 15% of Walmart's profits.

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    The same way Jeff Bezo from Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Larry Ellison from Oracle, etc.

    They own a significant percentage of the stock in the company.

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