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With such high turn around rate in WH, how does one suppose to get anything done with a president who knows little of constitutional law?

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    an incomplete list:

    Kirstjen Nielsen, Dir. Homeland Security

    John Kelly, Chief of Staff

    Nikki Haley. Ambassador to U.N.

    Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior

    James Mattis, Sec. of Defense

    Jeff Sessions, Atty. General

    Scott Pruitt, Head of EPA

    Ty Cobb, Trump attorney

    R. McMaster, NSA Advisor

    Hope Hicks, Dir. of Communications

    Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State

    K.T. McFarland. Deputy national security adviser

    Michael Flynn. National security advisor

    Gary Cohn, top economic advisor

    Tom Price, Sec. of Health and Human Services

    David Sorensen, speechwriter, senior policy adviser

    Rachel Brand, Associate attorney general

    Sally Yates. Acting attorney general

    Andrew McCabe, FBI deputy director

    Rob Porter, White House staff secretary

    Omarosa M. Newman, Asst to the President and Director of Communications

    Keith Schiller. bodyguard

    Steve Bannon, Chief strategist

    Anthony Scaramucci. Director of communications

    Reince Priebus. Chief of Staff

    Sean Spicer, press secretary

    James Comey, FBI director

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    A president does not need to know constitutional law. That's why he has an Attorney General, White House counsel and assorted advisors. High turnover has to do with chaotic working conditions

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    There's only one person Trump can count on to rubber stamp what he says even if it's blatantly illegal - Miller. Even Lindsey Graham says he's fed up with Miller.

    Trump has no respect for law. Fortunately, he has no comprehension of what's politically expedient. He wants to bring back family separation, one of the things that torpedoed the GOP in November.

    The question is, when he's voted out of the White House, will he go peacefully or will force be needed? Thank God the military sees that he's a jackass.

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    He would do better if he did not get his advice from Fox entertainment.

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    Too bad we don't have turnaround in the oval office itself.

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    The idea is that trump should do NOTHING as everything he tried cause more destruction of America

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