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I'm a Fannon, how do I learn everything there is about my families history in Ireland when we know nothing before Fannon who came to America?

As a member of the Fannon family we all know all names back to 1850 when Michael Fannon came to America from Roscommon and settled in Baltimore, MD. Before him we know nothing of his siblings names, cousins, grandparents, mother, or aunts-uncles. All we know is his father had the name Richard Fannon. I found many Richard Fannon's in Roscommon County.

So are we out of luck? Could there be a way of learning Michael's parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents, etc.... Or do we just consider Michael Fannon the original Fannon? Some even suggest he could have been Michael Fannin and not Fannon back in Ireland and there are many more Fannin names there.

Fannon was a name in Ireland like Adams in USA where it is not as common as Smith, but where there may be a hundred or more different Fannon Families.

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    You’re a faggon is what you are

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    Check Michal Fannon/Fannin immigration records

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