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Is Discord sending what I say over to Google?

So, I usually frequent on both Discord and YouTube a lot, and I usually say and do a ton of **** on Discord. Like, one time I frequently said the n-word, and got a video recommended to me with the n-word in the title, despite not ever searching up or commenting it whatsoever. There was another time where I said something on Discord, and the exact words I said appeared on the title of a video recommend to me. And most recently, I started getting into a game after not playing it for a couple of months. As soon as it ended, I shared my opinion on it, and next thing I know, I have videos about the game on my recommends, despite not ever searching it or watching anything about it recently. I remember seeing something a while ago saying Discord may or may not send stuff over to other people or corporations, but I don't remember the specifics or if it was actually true. Idk, it just seems too weird to be coincidental.


Something I forgot to mention, I get recommend the videos around the same hour or day I say it.

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    Do you access discord from your google phone?

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