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Christians, is this true?

1. Nearly every story is copied/plagiarized from older myths.

2. The proto-tribes that formed the Hebrew people had at least four different mythologies that they merged into one.

3. The stories have been scientifically disproven and are, for the most part, completely impossible.

4. Yahweh / Jehovah are ancient Canaanite deities, usually storm gods.

5. No objective proof of any story in the Bible has ever been presented.

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they are not, can you tell me why?

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    1- WRONG. Logical fallacy detected. What you are stating is known as a Bandwagon Appeal. Just because it seems similar to the older myths does NOT imply that the Bible itself is also a myth.

    2- Unclear. What exactly are you saying (or even talking about)? Where are your references? (References of references DON'T count).

    3- WRONG. That's BULL-F!@#ing-SH-I-T. Every great scientist knows that something that is not proven nor disproved, does NOT mean it doesn't exist. No scientist has proven that the stories are wrong. In fact, many state that they are true. But, since I'm not a hypocrite like yourself, I'll gladly provide you with a couple of references stating that at least SOME are true (I can't flood the answer now, can I?):

    Youtube thumbnail

    4- "Canaanite". That's the only term you actually got correct. Yahweh and Jehovah are not different "gods". They are one and same. And when you say storm god, it actually means God of the heavens, which He is. Dunno where you got that "storm gods" mumbo-jumbo (ESPECIALLY since you didn't site anything), but it is incorrect.

    5- WRONG. See number 3 for this. You're basically repeating number 3 with great amount of paraphrasing, but whatever.

    EDIT: LOL! Two dislikes! And for what? Care to prove me wrong about this? Expecting comments! :D

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    Of course, they were called the Canaanites and have a much deeper history that just the Israelites. The Israelites appear on record around 1200 BC, though the Egyptians had been recording Canaanite activity since at least the 17th century BC.

    The Bible is especially useful in uncovering the myths that existed in the Canaanite before Judaism fully took it's monotheistic Torahic form around the 5th century BC

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    "1. Nearly every story is copied/plagiarized from older myths." False. Ragged remnants of truth were handed down from the beginning among various families.

    "2. The proto-tribes that formed the Hebrew people had at least four different mythologies that they merged into one." Doubtful. Hebrews used to believe in El and in his son YHWH. Jews later purposely conflated the two.

    "3. The stories have been scientifically disproven and are, for the most part, completely impossible." Completely false. Science can't say anything about the miracles and stories of the Bible. Science can only venture opinions about the frequently and regularly occurring behaviors of the quiescent universe.

    "4. Yahweh / Jehovah are ancient Canaanite deities, usually storm gods." For once you're right. But they also believed in his father, El.

    "5. No objective proof of any story in the Bible has ever been presented." True. No proof or evidence whatsoever has ever been presented to shore up atheism, either. This is not an argument against the Bible, dear one. Think again, if you are able.

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    1) No. if you actually go back and read the early myth they are nothing like what the Christian faith teaches. Most of the version of the "myth" we have today were compiled AFTER the Christian faith and thus influenced by it - changed to be similar to what Christianity taught.

    2) If the Bible came from only one source, that would be a good reason to question it. If it came from four different sources and yet was compatible and all fit together, that makes it MORE likely to be true. Nor less. If you have four witnesses whose testimony all agree, that is more likely to be true then if there is only one witnesses.

    3) No they have not. Sir William Ramsey is the father of science of archeology. He was knighted for his development of most the methods used in that science. today. He was also an atheist who went into the field specifically to prove the Bible false. After over 40 years of trying he had to write that the Bible was reliable, and the Luke (who wrote the gospel that bears his name and the book of Acts) was the finest historian who had ever lived.

    4) Since the Hebrews and Canaanites shared the same language, that their words for "god" would be similar or the same only makes sense. However their definitions of who and what "god" was are very different. The Canaanites believed in a pantheon of deities who overthrew an older set of gods and formed the earth and the sky from two halves of the corpse of one of those goddesses. While the Bible gives us a single, eternal deity who creates everything from nothing in a single moment of time. Very different concepts.

    5) Yes, there is object proof of the Bible. You just have no interest in seeing it. No one can be convinced against their will by any proof, so for you there will never be any such proof. But that is your issue, not the proofs.

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    Many stories in the bible are scientifically and physically impossible.

  • NO

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    That is false. Modern science can now prove that the clean and unclean food and hygiene laws found in the Book of Leviticus have been based all this time on the God of Abraham's working knowledge of the germ theory of disease and the modern human body and a multitude of other advanced fields of science unknown to mankind at that time for it to have originated anywhere else but from the scientific mind of our Intelligent Designer. Some say these laws and regulations originated from the Laws of Hammurabi long before Moses but after I read the Laws of Hammurabi I couldn't find these clean and unclean food and hygiene laws to say they originated from the mind of Hammurabi. I do realize that Noah had a working knowledge of the clean and unclean food laws and regulations long before they were taught to Moses in Leviticus but again they were taught to Noah from the same God of Abraham that taught them again to Moses. So modern science is leading to proving the existence of the God of

    Source(s): Abraham and not disproving His existence. Can't say the same about any other god or gods and the scriptures associated with them. The God Yahweh our Intelligent Designer and the missing link in the chain of evolution.
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    All true, very much so.

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    All 5 are wrong. Not true.

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    1 - Yes, primarily the Sumerian tablets,

    2 - Yes.

    3 - Yes.

    4 - Yes.

    5 - Yes.

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    That's true

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