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Anyone else 20, in England and on Job seekers allowance?

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  • Mr. P
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    1 year ago

    It's not your fault. This is the result of the government's open door policy on an immigrant labour force. - The result is rock bottom wages and an excess of labour.

    Just look around you. You would have better prospects learning Polish and applying for building jobs.

    Go to any market and listen to the voices around you. You can have a job too if you accept less than minimum wage and live with 6 people in one room and share rent. - All totally illegal, but the authorities turn a blind eye to this. Or try the lottery of zero hours contracts. - A twilight zone of not officially being unemployed - but also not having a paying job. Or how about an Ingius training programme ?- 8 weeks of reading the same newspaper in an old office block funded by the government just to get you off the official unemployment figure lists. No training - for ANYTHING - but apparently reading newspapers is training?

    This scandal needs to be exposed.

  • Grace
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    1 year ago

    Glad there is help there for the unemployed and England has always been smarter and hope the president of the United States provides some help for homeless who are trying so they have hope and programs to help them rebuild their lives.

  • 1 year ago

    There are better categories in Y/A you could ask this in if you're really wanting help. Why do you keep posting in R/S?

  • Webbo
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    1 year ago

    Half the UK, lol

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    nope! i am not an england i am american

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