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Liberals, were you angry about the Trump tweet showing Joe Biden molesting Joe Biden from behind?

It was humor, something liberals are lacking.

Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo actually said the video was "doctored"

Really Chris Cuomo, there aren't two Joe Bidens?

No Shitt Sherlock!

Lol, what a couple of dummies.


Lol at the self proclaimed "Goddess".

Yeah, OK Comrade, fellow Russian troll.

Update 2:

Maybe if Biden wasn't drunk on Christmas Eve, he wouldn't have pulled out in front of a truck and killed his wife and child.

Look up Hunter. The guy was more corrupt than Paul Manafort, he was up to the same schit in Ukraine.

Do the research, Bimbo.

And stop being a little cheerleader for drunks like Hillary, Pelosi and Biden.

All three are DRUNKS.

Update 3:

Hunter is doing his dead brothers widow, while not doing drugs and prostitutes.

The guy is a chip off the old corrupt block.

Why do you thing the Dim Party is trying to get rid of Joe, CORRUPTION!

You are so naive it is pathetic.

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    Why oh why do you Russian trolls and alt-right folks insist upon directing your queries to only kind-hearted liberal Americans and not to the full 58% of Americans who are united in their disapproval of having the lifts-wearing (5'10" pretending to be tall---it's an ego thing) conman Trump in our White House?

    Joe Biden is from my generation, where families were demonstrative and where showing kindness, comfort, and love were not politicized. When he was first elected to Congress at the young age of 35, before he could be sworn in---on Christmas eve, in fact---his family was out shopping for last-minute presents to put under the Christmas tree, but their car was struck by a truck as the car turned out of the mall parking lot...his wife and new baby daughter were killed instantly, and his two sons Beau and Hunter were severely injured, not expected to live. Dad Biden never left his boys' hospital bedsides, and even took the Oath of Office from the hospital.

    This is a GOOD MAN, a kind and very wise man, who has dedicated his entire life to his family and to being a public servant! We, the American people, will NOT allow a lifts-wearing, hate-mongering, xenophobic, ugly mean, malignantly narcissistic, serial sexual predator, Russian MAFIA linked (through Felix Sater, a business partner, et al.), mobbed up, corrupt to the very core sociopath like Trump pull his projection of personal failures and flaws off onto such a GOOD MAN as is Joe Biden!

    Humor: Picture a chubby little spoiled-rotten born-rich selfish toddler Trump standing by a broken cookie jar, the tipped-over chair behind him, a giant cookie in each hand (one with a big bite out of it), cookie crumbs on each fat little cheek, some cookie chew in his misshapen mouth. Now visualize parental authority figures peering down at the cookie thief waiting for an explanation...and see little Donnie Trump point an accusing cookie-holding hand in the general direction of elsewhere and say, "Hillary did it."

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    i dont know

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    Trump has a great sense of humor. Hence, why he's attending the Correspondent's dinner again... oh and also he's suing NBC and SNL.

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    only two of comrade bone-spur's tweets upset me, and both were during the 2016 campaign. the first was a re-tweet of a video from Daily Caller accusing Captain Humayan Khan of being an Al-Qaeda convert, traitor to America, and suicide bomber.

    the second was when he ridiculed Captain Khan's mother, Ghazala. he wasn't even "hitting back" at her. she had said NOTHING to or about him.

    that placed him into the same category of "scumbag" as the Westboro Baptist loons who protest at military funerals and chant "THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS" at the grieving families.

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  • No, I was wondering if his mental development stopped at 10 years of age.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I couldn't care less about Trump's tweets. When he isn't lying, he is retweeting garbage.

    Edit: Every day a new low. Biden wasn't even in the car when his wife and kid were killed.

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    "It was humor, something liberals are lacking."

    Pretty funny coming from a supporter of the "SNL is mean to me" guy...

  • It was a joke you STUPID LEFTISTS, take a joke you weak liberals. FACT.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Did he post the ones with him molesting women from behind?

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    When are Liberals not angry?

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