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Would you play Russian Roulette meaning one bullet in a 6 shooter pistol for 500 Thousand Dollars? The odds of being shot would be?

16.7 percent. The odds then of the gun not firing would be 83.3 percent Would you feel lucky? Would you play?

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    Consider that Russian Roulette is played "to completion" in the strictest sense... I won't play as I don't want to be an accessory to suicide or manslaughter NOR the risk of being shot.

    The odds are based on the number of active players in the game... so assuming there's only 2 players, the overall odds would effectively be 50-50. HOWEVER, the composite odds isn't that straight-forward because of the "first move advantage".

    Assuming each person only pulls once per turn, the composite odds would be...

    A) ((1/6)+(1/4)+(1/2))/3 = ((2/12)+(3/12)+(6/12))/3 = (11/12)/3 = 11/36 = ~30.555% to DIE

    Inverse... ((5/6)+(3/4)+(1/2))/3 = ((10/12)+(9/12)+(6/12)/3 = (25/12)/3 = 25/36 = ~69.444% to LIVE

    B) ((1/5)+(1/3)+(1/1))/3 = ((3/15)+(5/15)+(15/15))/3 = (23/15)/3 = 23/45 = ~51.111% to DIE

    Inverse... ((4/5)+(2/3)+(0/1))/3 = ((12/15)+(10/15)+(0/15))/3 = (22/15)/3 = 22/45 = ~48.888% to LIVE

    I will note that the missing 0.001% is contributed to rounding down all figures (as as the decimals would repeat forever), but the math is logistically sound as the odds of dying increases (& odds of living decreases) as the game plays out to it's natural conclusion... assuming it goes the distance. UNFORTUNATELY, there's no good order to balance things out (to get it as close to 50-50 for both players) as possible... the first player nearly gets the best odds to live in most scenarios.

    Please be aware that the cylinder is spun perpendicular to the ground (with the center pin facing the ground) to eliminate gravity as a influencing factor (compared to spinning parallel to the ground, with the center pin perpendicular to the ground) & the cylinder is locked into the gun BEFORE it's finished spinning to ensure it's completely random.

    The only winning move here is NOT to play. However, if you're FORCED TO PLAY for some reason... take the initiative & take the first pull.

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      There is one spin, and each player takes a turn until the shot is fired correct?

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    Your percentages may be correct with today's well manufactured guns, but another theory says that the weight of the bullet would cause the cylinder to stop with the bullet at the bottom. If I was suicidal, or facing death soon because of an incurable disease I would certainly consider it. Otherwise, no. I can make $500,000 in 10 years.

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      Very interesting Smart Dude...I never thought of the weight in the cylinder, this actually improves the odds...Tickle Tickle Smart Cookie.

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