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Looking for a site that allow free speech videos without have a ban?

Hi there, there is very concern about getting ban if a video is about free speech for being good reason but however not YouTube can, because they have cooperated with law enforcements that have someone access my information what it called invasion of privacy. I have aware of lawyers but I am asking everyone to help me. So is there another video sites? Not dailymotion, vimeo, twitch and youtube.

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  • Dale-E
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    10 months ago

    Please note:

    There was a helpful answer to this question. I followed only half of that offering and was curiously surprised to find an international following. However, I dare not repeat what I learned on Y!Answers. Now, with that answer being erased, though some of it was unsavory, am more curious to how it was so quickly disposed of, like only 2 days later, to my more than casual observation.

    • Dale-E
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      10 months agoReport

      I read as much or more on Y!A than give answers.

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