What type of oil/fluid is used in the transfer case of a 1988 F250 4X4?


I got a hold of a fluids chart . It does use ATF .

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  • 11 months ago
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    Originally the Borg-Warner or New Process transfer case in your F250 would have used Motorcraft® Mercon®; Ford Motor Company and the aftermarket now use a Transfer Case Fluid that splits the viscosity difference between Type F and Type A, but provides anti-oxidation properties consistent with Motorcraft® Mercon® LV.

    • Ryde,0n
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      11 months agoReport

      Thanks . I just topped it off with Mercon but I'll look into the transfer case juice when I do a full service .

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  • Carson
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    11 months ago

    80 or 90 weight gear oil.

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    • B. C. Schmerker
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      4 months agoReport

      Most current chain-drive transfer cases use some class of automatic transmission fluid; they've the necessary pumps and filters designed in.

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