Muslim nations, like to Ottomans and Persians, used to be a lot more relaxed about homosexuality than the West. Why has that changed?


@Anonymous: But this was after these places adopted Islam. Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, Persia, Pakistan, Egypt; all these places were known for being very accepting of homosexuality. It was frowned on by religious reformers but the people were generally accepting. There's tons of homoerotic poetry and stories from those areas.

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    It is still tolerated in many parts of the Muslim world but not religiously accepted. In fact you can probably say the practice is still part of the culture in western Persia (modern Afghanistan) where older men enjoy sexual relations with younger adolescent boys. I read Morocco was a hot destination for Medieval Europeans to get gay sex. This still happens. Many western tourists travel to Morocco to find poor young men who offer themselves for money. Most modern people would condemn this as a form of abuse but much of the poems you refer to glamorise these sort of abuses.

    But beside these abuses, homosexuality is still common in some Muslim countries. Even in Saudi Arabia it is VERY common and easy to find but it's kept under the surface so as not to dishonour the family.


    Just to add.

    You may be right in that it was more openly practised back then. I got this sense when I read some of the works of Ibn Taymia who discussed the topic at length and condemned it. It now seems obvious that the practice existed, at least among the elite class. But again, it was mainly with younger adolescent boys.

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    Allah hates homosexuality as saying in the story of propohet Lut and his people in the Quran

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    Christians and Muslims were not tolerant to homosexuality. That is a lie. My country is a Christian country. We don’t stone Homos we just beat them.

    EDIT: You are wrong. I read a lot of history books. Homosexuals were always persecuted.

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      So how many people did you beat up for being gay? Where you ever arrested for it?

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    Emm I don't think that was the case.

    Maybe compared to Europe they were because believe it or not, muslims at some point in time where more 'merciful' than christians. But never ever was homosexuality accepted in islamic history.

    That is pure lie.

    No culture accepted it.

    What people today are doing is trying to find small little evidences to show that homosexuality always existed and was a 'hidden' norm in all societies.

    If it was a norm, it wouldn't have been hidden.

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  • 7 months ago

    They were not tolerate at all about homosexuality

    I'm Greek I know

  • Anonymous
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    Those entities were destroyed by Allah aza wa jal for their sins, such as accepting homosexuality.

    As such, they no longer exist, what we have now is what you see, the wars in the middle east are separating the Muslim armies who are fighting to establish sharia law, and those Munafiq puppet governments who invite foreign occupiers to invade their territories.


    Just because the people accepted it or it was adopted by areas that are mainly Muslim, it doesn't make it right in Islam, and the result was their destruction. In Islam, sins actually DO have penalty, they weaken faith and they are punished in this life with hardships/difficulties/disasters.

    When nation is beyond saving due to their sins, showing no signs of changing, then Allah destroys them. Allah mentions in the Quran that if he did not check people who commit sins without regards or who take sin lightly, then the world would be in evident chaos.

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