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Did Leonard Nimoy dislike Spock?

It has been rumored for many years.

He allegedly took convincing to play him in Star Trek The Motion Picture, he even allegedly only did Star Trek II Wrath Of Khan, so that Spock can be killed off and requested the character be killed.

And also he only did Star Trek III Search For Spock, so he could direct it and

Yet Nimoy in recent interviews before his death said this wasn't the case at all.

So is this just a rumor or any truth to it? No doubt the character did dominate his career.

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    He had a complicated relationship with him. Nimoy even wrote a memoir titled "I'm Not Spock" but also wrote a second memoir titled "I Am Spock". I think for a long time he disliked that he was typecast as Spock and it kind of killed his ability to find other acting work. But he eventually came to terms with the character and saw it as a positive that he had done so much to entertain people

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    He did not to be stereotyped into the role, that is why he decided to quit being Spock after the 2nd movie. But he had a change of heart, and decided to do the other movies.

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    Yes, he absolutely did. Nimoy claiming to not have disliked him is not something I had heard. What I have heard is that later in life he came to grips with how important the character was to him, and learned to appreciate his relationship with Star Trek, something he absolutely DID NOT appreciate as a younger man. This web page summarizes it nicely.

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