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How do you pronounce the second creation of a ship?

For example the Queen Mary, would you call the second ship Queen Mary the second, Queen Mary Two, or Queen Mary Mark 2?

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    It's up to the vessel's owner. Some may add a number to the ship's name, some just use the old name for the new vessel. Queen Mary 2, or sometimes referred to as QM 2 for short is an actual Cunard Line passenger ship, completed in 2003.

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    Always trolling!

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    QE2 Is Qeen Elizabeth 2 not the second.

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    Sometimes the name of successive replacements has no differentiation. For example, the aircraft carrier Enterprise is on it's 3rd iteration as an aircraft carrier and is still just called the Enterprise. There were six previous U.S. navy vessels also named Enterprise. There was no Enterprise II, III, IV, etc. but it is customary to use Roman Numerals for subsequent names when they do occur with ships, such as Queen Elizabeth II, Albatross II, Albatross III, etc.

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    "Queen Mary Two", usually "The Queen Mary Two", the "The" making a distinction between boat and (possible) person.

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