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If Brie Larson didnt get the part as Captain Marvel, which actress could play the role better? Jennifer Lawrence or Olivia Wilde?


Or do you have any other Actresses in mind? Anybody in this list:

1. Emilia Clarke

2. Teresa Palmer

3. Charlize Theron

4. Felicity Jones

5. Anne Hathaway

6. Emily Blunt

7. Rebecca Ferguson

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    I've answered this in the past. If that Brie Larson turned down the role, I think Jennifer Lawrence could have been a good choice. However she is cast waaaay too many times. If Fox didnt get her as Mystique, I think she would've have been a perfect Carol Danvers. She portrays a strong and intelligent woman especially when she played the Mockingjay in Hunger Games. Also I find her very hot.

    Your list is pretty awesome but what about Sophie Cookson, I think she looks really sophisticated. Also Alicia Vikander. Have you seen her body? Oh my goodness! She is scorching hot. So as Alice Eve, her boobs is amazing, she can have an additional sex appeal to the character. However she's a little old compared to the other two that I suggested

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    I don't know. I don't think Larsen did badly, though I think the script did her no favors. The script constantly put her character in a position to be displaying a confused or passive emotion, which has lead alot of people to criticize Larson's acting. She also gave Carol more of a dry wit than the demonstrative humor of a Spider-Man or Stark or Deadpool. Which is fine, but Marvel's males characters have typically been 'bigger' in how they do humor.

    I'm not sure what actress I would have chosen. I would have wanted a woman who could play comedy for sure, as well as generally the ability to act. But like I said, I think the weakness of CM was the script, not the actress.

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      wow i gave you a thumbs up on that one. never thought of it that way.

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    Emily Blunt would have been a good choice, but Brie Larson really nailed the part.

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