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I have almost no close friends?

Well I’m a senior and I have prom in 1 month and my best friend was supposed to go with me and she decided to leave and go in a group with people she just met this year when I’ve known her for 9 years. We got in an argument and she was rude for no reason so I sent a harsh paragraph and she blocked me on all social media’s like a child would do and she screenshoted the messages and are showing people and talking more crap behind my back and she’s getting people to turn against me. I really don’t have close friends anymore from school and I do not know what to do

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    Make better friends, she obviously wasn’t a true friend in the first place and showed her true colors. Throughout high school and now even in my early 20s, I’ve only really had a few close friends. But I’ve also come to realize the few friends I do have are all I need as I don’t need a bunch of fake people in my life; as they say, quality over quantity. Make new friends and keep in mind any drama you’re facing is all temporary and won’t even matter when you graduate from high school.

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    Your situation can change.

    Tell your parents. Show them any texts or things that might help them know what's been going on. Being honest about what you did in retaliation or pre-emptively or what might have started things will facilitate the process of explaining what s been going on and how it's impacting you at school. If you attend a public school, you have the right to a free and equal education that follows state and federal guidelines, as well as school policy. I'm guessing being bullied counts as a potential reason to either A. discipline your friend and possibly change the trajectory of this stuff or B. finish senior year in independent study in a place of the school's choosing or C. some other remedies that can help, like counseling or good advice or something else. Anything getting in the way of school or education or graduation, you need to try to take care of what you can, and then lose the stress about the rest. How do you lose the stress about the rest? Do your best school work, because that is the job--a state-mandated job--you have been given for this time of life. Friend making is awesome :) and is a necessary lifespan development activity, but you are not required to try to work things out with a person who is using your words in a moment against you for all time. :| That is not very friendly. What you can do if you want friends is be yourself and be friendly to other people you had not been talking to as much while spending a lot of time with her. Is there someone in your art class who always tried to talk to you? Is there someone in a history class who always cracks you up? Is there someone in home ec. or whatever they call it now who is fun to make food with? Are there people who look annoyed or worried or neutral when she's blabbing away about you? Are you in activities where you could meet other people in your own age group (not online), who may not even know about the stuff going on at your school? (Think church youth group, other youth things you do--don't answer that stuff online btw. That is just to help you think and realize you do have more options than you first thought.) If you don't have any of that, could you join something? Or BEGIN something? A really cool volunteer organization or group could be started with permission and support of your parents. You could find out if your school has some kind of programs you could join or projects they have students lead. There could be potential new friends. Don't be mean to yourself with your words if it doesn't happen or it's not the same dynamic as previously with your best friend. Be more light-hearted or free of worry over things that should not come up again very much in the rest of your life. When you go to college or begin a career you have dreamed of, you will be glad you stayed focused on quality over quantity and lasting over fleeting.

    I mention lasting over fleeting for many reasons you will probably guess, but one that comes to mind is being careful about what you put in writing from now on. Because apparently, some people can be so lame. They might even be unwell, and you can t guess what they will do with it!

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  • 11 months ago

    Say it, forget it

    Write it, regret it

    -- Lesson learned

    You were supposed to go with her as a "friends group" or something more?

    Is there an "interest" (boy or girl) that you would like to go with? Ask them.

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  • 11 months ago

    Join clubs. Its gonna sound dumb, but do it. My bf and I met through the swing dance club lol, and yes this is this year. He was a lonely senior with no prom date, but now we love each other and he is so much happier and gained so many friends.

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