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As a Muslim, what do you think of Quran 16:15 that says mountains prevent earthquake ?

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    Ask Nepal what their opinion on that topic is.



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  • NO!
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    11 months ago

    Yes. I believe that.

    I believe mountains are formed when two 'tectonic plates' collide with each other. I believe thereafter it prevents the 'two plates' from moving away from each other (i.e. stabilizes the plates). Earthquakes tend to occur when a collision occurs between two plates (that would be the worst type of earthquake). Minor earthquakes might occur near mountains (small movements).. but it is more stable than if it were not there.

    That's my understanding.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    I've also heard that they believe that allah doesn't send earthquakes to muslim lands. Despite the fact the muslim lands have experienced earthquakes, I've heard some muslims attribute it to Haarp.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Asalamualakum Brother. As a self converted Sufi Muslim with no Imam, I would have to carefully study the entire Surah with extensive commentary in English. The meanings of Islam as translated in English are not to be taken at face value. There are deeper meanings and shades of meaning that only one who was fluent in Arabic and Middle-East culture would fully understand.

    Without these resources available to me I may only rely on the guidance of Allah in Sala and guidance by the path He lays.

    We are taught to face the Qibla as the Kaaba represents Allah's presence in the World, but He is all encompassing, Compassionate, the all-knowing, and Gracious to the Ummah. When we are in the Spirit of Allah we are always facing Him and by his guidance all paths will lead to Him in the Hereafter. In Eternal Gardens of Bliss as Adam and Eve once lived before Shaytan fooled them.

    This life is our test to work back to the Gardens Allah established for us in his Grace.

    Allahu Akbar


    Source(s): Umm-ul-Kitab (Mother of the Book)
    • PhotonX
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      11 months agoReport

      <The meanings of Islam as translated in English are not to be taken at face value> Doesn't look like Allah is doing a very competent job of communicating, then, is he?

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