iPhone XS Max Dock Holding Handle/Holder/Chuck/Stick/Boom?

I have been wondering if anyone knows if there exists anything like a handle, holder, chuck, stick or boom for holding iPhone XS Max that you would plug into the iPhone XS Max charging dock like a USB dongle? I would like to use it for purposes like taking pictures with the phone, which would be more convenient for me than a standard selfie stick. Alternatively, it could embrace the phone at both of its lateral sides, and not be dedicated for plugging it into the USB dock, or be attached to the sides or the bottom of the phone in yet some other way. It would be best if this stick wasn’t too long but of a medium length, or at least if its length could be regulated (i.e. if it could be either shortened or extended in length).

I would appreciate any recommendations or suggestions

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Trigger a tritone on a twelve-track when you synthesize it.

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