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Can I bring my dog on NJ Transit train?

Im planning to travel to NY from NJ by NJ transit train. I was just wondering if I Can really bring my small dog on NJ transit train/ bus? I know it says online that I can, but I havent seen a dog ever on the train. I have a small pet carrier, it’s not a crate but a proper dog bag. And Is it for free or do I have to pay? Did anyone else bring their dog on NJ transit and have any problems?

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    NJ Transit states "Only service animals accompanying customers with disabilities or their trainers, police dogs, and small pets in carry-on travel cages are allowed on-board NJ TRANSIT trains or buses."

    If it's a small dog in a carrier, you should be okay. Commuting hours into NY-Penn, and trains coming out of Penn (NE Corridor Line) NJ-bound tend to get extremely crowded. If you are traveling say, between Edison or New Brunswick and Trenton, trains are much less crowded and you'll less likely have any issues.

    The Raritan Valley and NJ shore lines aren't generally as packed.

    Amtrak in 2016 began allowing pets (dogs and cats) on their trains.

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      Penn station has elevators and the New Brunswick train station has an escalator on the east side (NY bound side) and elevators on both sides

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    Be prepared to say he's a service dog in the event they don't allow pets. Better yet, get him a service dog vest.

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      Seriously? That's a FELONY in many areas. WTF? You're such a jerk to suggest this.

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