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Can I lie about my wolfdog’s breed?

I’m planning to get a wolfdog but I’m hesitating because few years from now I’m planning to move to another country. I don’t know if they’re allowed on plane but I’m guessing not because of their breed. If I decide to move to another country can I take them with me by lying about their breed? Tell them it’s a tamaskan mix? I really wanna bring them with me wherever I go because I don’t wanna leave or give them away. I have an idea of how hard it is to take care of something like wolfdogs because I have a husky, german shep and alaskan mal I’m definitely sure they require more care (I made some research about them) and I can handle that physically and financially. Please no rude answers I genuinely just wanna know if they can stay with me if I migrate.

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    Lying won't do any good if you are challenged for paperwork. For starters, Wolfdogs DO NOT behave anything LIKE a regular dog. Some can be VERY FERAL, will slink around, will not wag or make eye contact.

    My advice, do a LOT of research before ever buying. Be sure you KNOW what you will actually end up owning (as to personality and traits) and find OUT whether you can fly with it, and whether the canine version of the rabies vaccine can now be given to wolves or wolf crosses. At one time it was not considered successful or usable on them. To even cross state lines you will need a rabies TAG on the animal.

    No VET I know will FAKE "paper work" for you to fly, so check with airlines concerning their rules about wolf dogs.

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    Well hopefully before then it attacks and kills you so asking this question is pointless. You're incredibly immature and selfish.

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    Sure you can lie but will it help you? All of the paper work has to come from a Vet. Will a Vet lie for you? When you buy this dog, the paper work will say what breed he is. You cannot register it. It is a mutt. X breed.

    One can always lie, cheat, scam, deceive, but that is a low life attitude. If you know you are moving in the future do not buy this dog.

    I really doubt this to be true. You don't have any experience with dogs, this one is one to stay away from cause you have to have a lot of knowledge about canine behavior. Domesticated dogs are normal, a Wolf hybrid can be a serious problem. Not a good choice for a first time dog. It will prove to be far more than you can handle.

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    Check not only eith airlines but also with the country you plan to go to.

    It is not as easy for dogs to travel internationally as you seem to think.

    If any of the paperwork is inaccurate it could lead to a dog being siezed and destroyed at the port of entry.

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  • Anonymous
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    Can you lie? Certainly. Will someone catch you in the lie? I have no way of knowing. If you are caught will you be charged with a criminal offense? Possibly.

    My neighbor said her pit was a boxer mix. All went well until the dog bit someone. The insurance company learned about the lie and refused to pay under her insurance policy.

    Sad but true.

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    To export any dog to another country you have to have the correct and legal paperwork, health checks, vaccinations all done professionally so no amount of lying would cover that up........... think you need to do lots more research on the very basics as if you think you can just decide to move to another country you have a lot to learn about what is poscible and what is not

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    Okay, so most likely someone will notice anyways. But, as far as wolf dogs go, they have to eat different food than the regular domesticated dog. Most folks feed theirs raw meats and such. Do some more research before getting one please.

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      I simply told them to do more research and why. Be rude/ignorant elsewhere:)

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    Someone will recognize what dog it is and you'll get in troubles, financially and legally. Or you might not be allowed to fly.

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