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Is canada decent to live?

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    Yes, if you decide to immigrate to Canada, you can choose the follow cities to live.

    1. Toronto: the largest city of Canada and the cultural and economic center. There are four distinct seasons with mild climate.

    2. Montrea: the financial and commercial center of Canada and the second largest city in the country.

    3. Vancouver: a beautiful city that brings together modern urban civilization and natural beauty.

    4. Victoria: a leisurely, gentle and elegant town, a world-famous city with unparalleled charm.

    5. Ottawa: the capital of Canada and is the seat of the federal government. Hundreds of green bronze roofs, the Royal Mounted Police, and the famous Tulip Garden are the symbols.

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      Honestly I would avoid living in Victoria (because its pricey), and Vancouver (cuz it really ain't all that). Montreal is nice, if you know French, but if not, be warned that that is the dominant language in Quebec.
      I would recommend Calgary, Halifax, Regina, Toronto, and Ottawa
      Don't over sell lol

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    11 months ago

    Notice Trump is not putting up a wall for Canada ? That,s because few Canadians want to move to America . No need to . The only problem Canada has with guns are the guns smuggled in from the USA by retarded losers who think a gun makes them tough . Many Canadians live their entire life without ever owning a gun or any other weapons . We have a pretty good Medical System Better than what You have in the USA . We have good jobs , Education , Religious freedom , Political freedom Good Beer Legal Marijuana No Trump Good Housing Good Food Good roads . Good Liquor WE have Mountains and Prairies and Lakes and Forests Only problem is our Winters . But if You like Skiing and Skidoing and Ice fishing and Hockey and other winter activities You,ll be Ok .

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  • 11 months ago

    Absolutely. International listings have Canada at, or near the top under most every standard for livability.

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  • 11 months ago

    Yes, it's a very nice place. A friend of mine moved there and likes it better than the USA.

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