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how is the answer 80km/s instead of 71?

an alpha particle moves in a region where the magnetic field has a magnitude of 0.6T , the particle follows a helical path which has a pitch of 8mm and a radius of 205 mm what is the speed of this particle as it follows this path ?

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    r = mv/qB =>

    The component of v perpendicular to the magnetic field is

    rqB/m = (0.205m)(3.204 x 10^(-19)C)(0.6 T)/

    (6.644 x 10^(-27) kg)

    = (0.205)(3.204 x 10^8)(0.6) m/s]/6.644

    = 5.93 x 10^6 m/s.

    Then you must use Pythagorean Thm to deal with the "pitch."

    Did you miscopy the info when you posted the question?

    • zina8 months agoReport

      yes it should be 2.5 mm instead of 205 but even when i do the steps as you did i still get the answer 71 instead of 80 :(

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