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Can anyone reccomend a proven way to protect dogs against paralysis ticks without using poisons?

I was using Bravecto chews, but after hearing of FDA warnings where some dogs have had problems after using the product, and reading the information leaflet which advises humans to wear gloves when handling the chews and pretty much states that the product should be used at the consumers own risk I am having second thoughts. Is there a safer option out there that is effective?

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  • Maxi
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    8 months ago
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    Protection against all/any parasites for the last 30 yrs for my dogs I have used 100% NEEM bark/leave powder( internal only) and 100% NEEM oil ( external only) easy, cheap, works and is natural it also has the added bonus of boosting the dogs immune system. I have found it to be 100% affective.

    Now they get 1 teasp of powder per week sprinkled on their meat a week and about 1 teasp of the oil rubbed into my hands and used as a 'finishing oil' after grooming once a week.... any new dog half a teasp of the powder daily on their meat for the first two weeks, every other day for two weeks( to build up the resistance) then onto 1 teasp once a week

  • Lauren
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    8 months ago

    There are other products available from the vet besides Bravecto, although they probably have similar warnings. Understand that these warnings are more about legal issues, rather than things that are happening to animals every day. The Bravecto company doesn't want to get in serious trouble if something should happen, so the majority of products available and even human prescription products, will have some disclaimers that sound really scary. That doesn't automatically mean that the product is not safe. But it does mean that if you use Bravecto without wearing gloves and something should happen to you, it isn't the fault of Bravecto. Is something likely to happen to you? Probably not. But Bravecto needs to cover their bases. This is why any product should be used exactly as the label states because that's the safest way to use the product.

    You can try other natural products that you find on the Internet but I can't guarantee you that they are proven to work effectively or for a long time. Talk to your vet about your concerns but understand that the majority of pets are going to do well with these types of products and that any prescriptions you may be taking also have warnings that sound really scary. Unfortunately there are no prescription medications that have zero risks.

  • 8 months ago

    There is an excellent natural topical spray that has worked well for my dogs.

    It is called Wondercide. They are based in Texas.

  • 8 months ago

    I use Advantix II, I used to be all "natural" but in reality, none of it worked.

    Ive never had any dog have an allergic reaction, and it kills on contact. They dont need to bite.

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