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Could I be mixed with something deep down in the bloodline. Or are these just normal southeast asian features some people aren’t exposed to?

A Chinese woman said to me “you’re asian??? I mean full asian? Thought you were mixed with something”

And an italian lady as well “it’s an asian country?? I thought thought you were Samoan”

I’m Burmese and don’t know of any other background in my blood. I feeel that they think this because southeast asians generally have darker skin bigger eyes and for me a sharper chin and long eye lashes. The steroeotypical image of an asian is that of East Asians with monolid. Could that be why?

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    You are ASIAN over the centuries ASIANS have moved around Asia.

    Sailors, merchants and assorted other travellers were no more well behaved than the current generation and might have had company for some entertainment while away from home. Pregnancy could be the result.

    It would not be something the family would brag about.

    EVERYONE is a combination of hundreds of ancestors back through time.

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    Burma. Going back B.C. Long traded with India, East coast of Africa. Thailand Vietnam. By 1 A.D. trade routs were well established from Korea south Hawiee west to the east coast of Africa. So yes possible. It was not until the 1500s that Europe arrived. Very late in the Asian trade exchange. If you get to study Asian trade routes by 500 A.D. Asia was very well known to Asian sea traders. Land routs were more difficult.

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    They don't know, so they're guessing . One guess is as good as another and not worth much .

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    You have 47 independently passed-on bundles of DNA in every cell. That's 47 identifiable bloodlines.

    and sometimes two of them exchange parts before one gets passed on.

    There's no such thing as race

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