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got 2 12' subs for 140 bucks, they blew, and the warranty repair is going to cost me about 100 to ship. is it worth it?


Pioneer TS-W3003D4, voice coils went out

5 Answers

  • 1 year ago

    It's $100 you could be putting towards a better pair of speakers.

    Spend some time learning more about impedance matching, and what kind of amplifier/speaker/cabinet combinations work best. I've seen people throw a lot of money at a system, but who don't understand the fundamentals - resulting in substandard sound.

    • Kwame4 months agoReport

      i am aware on how ohms and impedance works. 

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  • 1 year ago

    Not worth it if you're going to keep on blowing up speakers. Not worth it if you could replace the speakers with better ones.

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  • Why in the heII are you asking us if it's worth it?

    If you got the money...then it's worth it...if you can't afford it and you're gonna complain about the price then it's not worth it.

    So many car audio novices like you blow out their system within minutes to an hour. You NEED to learn how to get the proper amplifier for the subwoofer, get the proper enclosure for the subwoofer, set the gains properly, set the crossovers properly, and keep the BASS boost OFF.

    It should hit HARD and LOUD without the bass boost and you will feel the bass thumping through your body. If it doesn't, the woofer is in a poor quality enclosure, the output signal from the HU is low, the LPF crossover isn't set up properly, the gain isn't set properly, or the woofer's life is coming to an end and it will be time for a replacement of the woofer.

    • Kwame4 months agoReport

      once again installing systems for 10+ years. god you people are ***** on yahoo answers

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  • 1 year ago

    its worth it if thats what you want to get

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    12 foot subs huh? Never heard of subs that big. Presumably you meant 12" subwoofers.

    Those subs are out of production. The current Pioneer replacement costs $150 each. So, if you can get them repaired free and it only costs $100 in shipping round trip, you'd be saving $200.

    Subwoofers very rarely "blow" unless they're mistreated, poorly matched to the amp or enclosure, or are mis-wired. Hopefully the warranty does cover them because it won't cover them if there are signs of abuse, so you may end up paying for the repairs too. Still, if the total is under $300 with shipping, you'll be a little bit ahead

    • Kwame1 year agoReport

      well obviously you knew what i meant, my point was pioneer subs are fairly cheap. my diagnoses was that the voice coil went out. Hence the reason for repair.

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