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Why are these foods considered junk food?





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    Junk food? Not all of them are considered that.

    Eggs have made a comeback on the healthy foods list. The yolks are full of good vitamins and minerals.

    As for fish, there are good fish and bad fish. The good fish are the oily ones like wild caught Alaskan salmon. Whatever fish it is needs to have both fins and scales, which leaves out catfish and other bottom feeders. What they eat, and the conditions under which they are raised, determines if they are healthy or "junk food".

    Where cheese is concerned, hard cheese is considered unfit for food by the more conservative healthy and diet experts. (See Walter Veith, Amazing Diet) That's because the bacteria that age them end up eating all the good stuff (vitamins, minerals) and leave behind little nutrients that would benefit humans. You are essentially eating bacteria droppings. Soft cheese and fresh cheese have more nutrients. A big concern with cheese is that it has little or no fiber, so clogs your intestines. And many people are sensitive to, or allergic to, milk proteins, which are present in cheese.

    As for cereals, they are usually very high in carbohydrates, loaded with sugar, have additives in their packaging that is hazardous to human health, and are often made of genetically modified grains. All of these things are bad for human health. The FDA may still promote a diet based primarily on grains (bread, pasta, cereal) but more health-oriented nutrition experts place grains in the slot where meat and dairy are shown on the typical food pyramid. They replace the grain section with a split between fruits and vegetables. Cereal will let you get a quick start on your day, but it spikes insulin which is designed to pack those cereal carbs/sugars into storage in your cells, so it encourages weight gain. And you get hungry an hour or two later. Ever noticed that the ads for cereals on TV say "part of a healthy diet", and show eggs and bacon and toast and orange juice as the other ingredients in a healthy breakfast? Might as well forget the cereal altogether and have a pea protein shake for breakfast.

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    Cereal is bc it can have lots of sugar.

    But not the others

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    Don't let anybody fool you~ they aren't. You hear that garbage from fad nutritionists trying to con people into buying their latest fad diet. Just eat clean food such as what you have listed above, in proper proportions, and you will be fine.

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    I think it just depends on how they're made. Cereal is considered junk food when it's the super sugary, processed kind. Fish can be very healthy, but fish sticks and other fried things are junk food. Same with eggs, in most ways they are healthy, unless you fry them in a ton of butter and add too much cheese and meats etc. Cheese is often thought to contain too much fat, and is best eaten in moderation.

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    Hush baby hush. Sit down here and eat your mush.

    When you're older you may eat

    Fish and cheese and monkey meat.

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    They're not. Some cereals are: the ones that are processed and have tons of sugar and additives, but basic cereal grains are not junk food. Neither are eggs, fish or cheese. Just what is your definition of "junk food"?

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    Because practically everything is these days

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    cereal is all carbs

    eggs are not

    fish are not

    cheese is pretty much just fat

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    Same question every month, the list of foods sometimes changes but its always the same.

    Can't fool me with your blue "anonymous"

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    Only cereal is cuz it's obtained through extrusion.

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