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Why was Donald Trump invited on talk shows like Letterman and Oprah and at award shows like the Oscars and Golden Globes back in the day?

Everyone hated him. Plus there's a lot of photos of him with people like Kathy Griffin, Samuel L. Jackson, Oprah, Larry King, Jesse Jackson, Neil Young and the Clintons. All who hate him.

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    Back then he was known for being the host of the Apprentice.

    He wasn’t that hated until he ran for President and people got to know the real him.

  • Marli
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    6 months ago

    Perhaps he paid them to be on their shows. Financial help with the production costs or a big donation to the star's charities, or VIP treatment at one of his resort hotels or golf courses or on his private planes, for a little positive on-air recognition, would not have been unappreciated.

  • Jeff
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    9 months ago

    They didn't hate him until he kept Hillary Clinton from being president, I didn't like him until he did that.

  • mickey
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    9 months ago

    they wanted some of his fame but now they hate him because they hate America

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  • Mike
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    9 months ago

    Obama was on a Show where the hostess took a bath in Fruitloops

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