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I’m having a really hard time, how do I cope?

My dad had an affair with another woman, who just happens to be friends with my grandma and lives in Florida. My parents got divorced last year, and I just now overheard him tell my aunt he’s moving to Florida in July. I start as a freshman in college in August, and he’s not even staying to help me move (I live in IL). I just feel really hurt that he’s putting this woman before his three kids, who ALL live in IL. He’s abandoning us and moving to live with this woman and her 10 year old son. I just found this out now and I’m finding it really hard not to cry. My mom has not had a job since she was married, so now she probably won’t be able to keep my house. I hate my life so much, and I hate that my dad is putting someone he had an affair with over me. He won’t even stay here with me until I go off to college and he won’t even stay long enough to help me move there. I just find it really sad and I wish things were different. I feel like this is going to affect how I do in college, knowing he isn’t there to support me or visit me ever.

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    What you're describing is very selfish behavior by your dad. Affairs are selfish (I know from experience), however, the divorce probably had some provision that your dad has to support you mom, and if your siblings are under 18, he's required to support them to that age...other than that, it's what was agreed to in the decree. I find it hard to believe he'd not want to see his daughter off to college, but perhaps that says something about his character... I'm sorry you're having to go through this, but you can only control you; certainly have a right to the feelings you're experiencing, but DO NOT beat yourself up and think, for whatever reason you're a bad person - you aren't! The mess was caused by your dad's affair, and he and your mother divorced... YOU take care of you; your entire life is ahead of you, college can be a wonderful experience - new friends, new experiences, different cultures...ENJOY!

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    grow up,,,,,,he has a life too

  • Pearl
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    not rnuch you can do about it, just ask god to help you cope with it

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    Have you tried talking to him about it?

    If that doesn't help, I guess now is the time to let go of him, and start relying on yourself more.

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    Apparently, your parents' marriage wasn't working out. It's not personal against you.

    Have you discussed this with your dad, or did you forget that part? Maybe tell him you're going to need him

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