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Why is my school being so unreasonable?

I'm a freshman in high school in Texas. So I'm like NEVER in trouble at school at all (I'm actually an honors student) but Friday I let my friends peer pressure me into joining them in bullying a girl during PE class, and we totally got caught. I felt bad about it as soon as I did it and I HAVE apologized. I know it was wrong. But the school isn't cutting me ANY slack even though I have a great track record. I got sent home with a form informing my mom what I did (totally fair) and that I will be getting swats on Tuesday (today is a teacher work day). I just think this is a gross overreaction. I've never even had detention but once! I haven't given my mom the letter yet, though I know I need to when she gets off work today. I just don't know why I can't get a little slack?


Sarah's response is pretty fair, so I get why I'm not getting slack. But why does it have to be swats? Why not ISS or a day's out of school suspension, or really about anything else?

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    Because you are in a public school. Public schools are usually required by BOE policy to treat all "offenses" the same rather than take a subjective view of the person who committed the offense. They don't want "normally good honor students" to get preferential treatment over "habitual troublemakers with bad grades." Schools also tend to have a standard "punishment" for a specific misbehavior. Again, this makes it easy for the school administrators and they can't be accused of favoritism. As to WHY your particular school applies that particular punishment, you'd have to ask them.

    Look, here's the good news:

    1. You may have learned your lesson the teenagers aren't the best judge of what to do and you should cave in to peer pressure when you know the action is wrong.

    2. You haven't been suspended and the kid's family isn't filing charges against you -- yes, those things do happen in bullying cases.

    Accept your SWAT with grace and humility, find a better class of friends, and move on.

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    If a known offender... Say a thief steals... And on the other hand a nun steals.

    Which one would hurt you more?

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    Call your local ACLU office and ask them what they think.

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    No reason why you should get any slack. The person you bullied doesn’t care if this was your first or tenth time bullying. They still felt humiliated, hurt and abused. You have now made school a place that they fell unsafe at.

    And what are swats? Physically hitting you? Don’t know any school that does that. Didn’t think any public school do that. I am surprised parents would allow it.

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    If you let your friends peer pressure you into drunk driving one day, will you expect the cops to give you any slack, even if it's your first time to be in legal trouble? If you answer "yes" to this question, then you, my dear, are in for a rude awakening when it comes time to leave high school and go out into the Real World.

    Bullying is such a serious problem nowadays (bullied kids are killing themselves over this crap) that many schools have adopted zero-tolerance policies. If they cut you slack, don't you think you would be more likely to bully again if given the opportunity? The harsher the punishment (first time or otherwise), the less likely it is that you'll be so quick to repeat the infraction.

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    This way you will think 10 times before bullying anyone else.

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