You draw up 0.4 mLs to administer. The dog weighs 45 pounds. The concentration in the bottle is 10 mg/mL.?

What was the dosage l (in mg/1 kg) that was administered?

I removed the parts of the problem that were just extra info.

could you please tell me what you get as an answer and show your work? I know that 45 lbs = 20.45 kgs, and that we are dealing with 4mg after looking at the concentration and what was drawn up. what do I do next?

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    10 months ago
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    If the concentration is 10mg/ml you simply multiply by 0.4ml to get the amount administered. (10mg/ml) x 0.4ml = 4mg

    The dog weighs 20.41kg so divide 4mg by 20.41kg to get the dosage in mg/ kg. 4mg/20.41kg = 0.2mg/kg

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