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What is Kosovo?

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    That would depend on who you're asking. Kosovo is recognised by some as being an independent state, while others see it as a breakaway province of Serbia. When Yugoslavia broke up into six independent states (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia <which has recently changed its name to "North Macedonia">), Kosovo was part of Serbia. Although the territory claimed by Kosovo has historically been an important part of Serbia since ancient times, its modern history and identity are quite different. The wide majority of the residents are ethnic Albanians, most are Muslim, and the province suffered terribly during and after the fighting in the independence wars. Roughly the size of Lebanon, Kosovo has a population of about 2 million people. Currently, Kosovo is officially recognised as a legitimate sovereign nation by about 52% of the world community, though some states that don't recognise it as a sovereign nation still maintain official relations with them for one reason or another - notably the European nations that don't recognise Kosovo as an independent nation, because they don't want to defy inter-European treaty and trade agreements.

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    It is a country in southeastern Europe; it used to be part of Yugoslavia.

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    It's Ovosok upsie down.

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    'Kosovo' is an independent sovereign naation in South Eastern Europe.

    Capital city is 'Pristina'.

    Together with Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro it formed the former Republic of Yugoslavia.

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    A field of crows.

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    A largely Albanian province of the former Yugoslavia.

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    A self-declared independent country.

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