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I want to try vape?

So all my friends have and being a 15 year old girl I feel like it's time for me to also, like i've been offred it so many times but I always rejected because I was someone who though of it as really bad and stuff. But now me and my friend talked about it and I really want to try it so i'm going to ask one of my friends who does it to do it with me. Should I, and what shoud I be aware of???

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    Shouldn't vape at all unless you're trying to stop smoking ciggies.

    That's what vaping is for.

    Underage vaping is the reason the FDA is trying to ban all the E-Juice flavors.

    You definitely shouldn't do anything because "everyone else is doing it."

    But at the end of the day it's not really a big deal.

    Vaping is unhealthy but it's about as unhealthy as caffeine. IE not very.

    There are only 3 ingredients in vape juice, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and flavoring. (+nicotine but not all juices have it)

    None of these substances are dangerous when vaporized and inhaled in moderation.

    PG is what comes out of smoke machines and thousands of people inhale loads of that at concerts.

    VG is in just about every artificial sweetener.

    Nicotine has some addictive properties (just like caffeine) but has been blown way out of proportion by the MSM.

    If you're feeling edgy and wanna look like a douchebag go for it, you'll be fine.

    If you're vaping nicotine for the first time, take it slow, nausea and vomiting are very possible.

    I'd suggest using 0nic juice.

    If you do end up vaping, STAY HYDRATED.

    Vaping dehydrates you, drink lots of water.

    But more importantly, make your own decisions.

    Don't trust anything anyone says here, including me. Do your own research (stay away from those stupid TRUTH videos with the puppets, TRUTH is funded by big tobacco) and decide for yourself if you're ok with putting chemicals in your body.

    Don't allow yourself to be pressured into doing anything you aren't comfortable with.

    Also, what Jose said was pretty blatantly wrong.

    The worst that could happen to you for getting caught vaping underage would be a fine/ticket, maybe probation if you're getting caught vaping repeatedly.

    I've been vaping for about 6 years and i was underage for about 4 of them.

    Seen countless cops while vaping underage and they've never done anything.

    Had a buddy get pulled over when he was 16 for not having his lights on once. He had a vape in the cupholder and i'm sure the cops saw it but they just wrote the light ticket and never brought it up.

    About a year later I was vaping in my car and a cop pulled up to ask if i heard any gun shots in the area.

    Vapor was pouring out of the window as i rolled it down but she never brought it up.

    Pretty sure cops have better things to do.

    If your friend/supplier is over 18 they could be arrested for supplying vaping equipment to a minor but it's more likely they'll get a fine.

    Vaping isn't harmful unless you're sucking down 100mls of 64nic a day.

    It is unhealthy yes, in the same way a bag of Doritos is unhealthy.

    I've done the research, Jose, nobody has ever died from vaping, it's MUCH healthier than drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana, it helps millions of people stop smoking cigarettes, the two main ingredients in vape juice Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin have been deemed safe by the FDA and are used in countless food products. Regular use of nicotine can be harmful if you're unhealthy to begin with, JUST LIKE CAFFEINE, but if you take care of yourself you'll be fine.


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    The stuff stinks. It also isn't 'safe' for developing brains, the longer this stuff is on the market the more the research has had a chance to do testing on what the actual effects are on people. The findings aren't great. Popcorn lung is one of them. Do some online research on 'safety issues with vaping'.

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    It's up to you

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    Luv it but u dont need to (advice)

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    don't do it

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    Never do this.

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    You shouldn't. You are right in rejecting it for being unhealthy, and you should continue to do that. It's also illegal, so if you must try vaping, at least wait until it is legal for you to do so.

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    i wouldnt do it, its not good for you

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    What the hell is it with 15-year-olds these days?!

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    1st of all, it's VERY illegal for you to use any type of tobacco product; 2nd - you can easily be arrested for using that garbage; 3rd - do some research on the harm that junk causes those who use it

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